furnishing is a must, decorating is a touch

If you enjoy creating your own home and you are confident in what your are doing, you’re gonna need the right decorating stuff.

MIME offers a variety of decorating items for your home. It’s creates when product design meets graphic design. We develop from both side: product design with all ergonomic & material matter; and graphic design as an illustration for giving the souls.

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mime |maIm|— n

1. the theatrical technique of expressing an idea or mood or portraying a character entirely by gesture and bodily movement without the use of words

MIME in our design

everybody’s different.

every person has their own styles, likes and dislikes. that’s why we can’t call every person as ‘a’, ‘b’, or ‘c’. MIME can reflect an abstract characters, which is we can’t definite every MIME in every person.

we try to express our design style as MIME, as shown before, without use of words, but to build gesture and character in every design we perform.
we create MIME with many organic and geometric shape to create a new shape and gesture called MIME.

we direct our design into :


to create any design that you find at home; why we called it:
“design and decor”

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