furnishing is a must, decorating is a touch

If you enjoy creating your own home and you are confident in what your are doing, you’re gonna need the right decorating stuff.

MIME offers a variety of decorating items for your home. It’s creates when product design meets graphic design. We develop from both side: product design with all ergonomic & material matter; and graphic design as an illustration for giving the souls.

best regards,

mime |maIm|— n

1. the theatrical technique of expressing an idea or mood or portraying a character entirely by gesture and bodily movement without the use of words

MIME in our design

everybody’s different.

every person has their own styles, likes and dislikes. that’s why we can’t call every person as ‘a’, ‘b’, or ‘c’. MIME can reflect an abstract characters, which is we can’t definite every MIME in every person.

we try to express our design style as MIME, as shown before, without use of words, but to build gesture and character in every design we perform.
we create MIME with many organic and geometric shape to create a new shape and gesture called MIME.

we direct our design into :


to create any design that you find at home; why we called it:
“design and decor”

about us : WE ARE MIME !

living in the same hometown, 
being best friends, 
also graduated together from the same college, 
been working in a different places, 
crazy about designing, 
curious about something new, 
eager to explore media,
that's how we rising MIME.

our head is not enough to express our idea for creating design. Upbringing our background studies, as a product designer and a graphic designer, we aim to combine these two into one creations, furthermore we called it : when product meets graphic. Surely we converging our scope into home-living design, since we both has passions in it.

we just started giving birth to MIME in the end of 2010, can't remember the exact date, it's too many chat during our freelance time, from cafe to cafe been our workstation, coffee and meals been our witness :)
please meet us :

Anggia Agdini
born in Bandung, August 27, 1985
Graduated from Industrial Design, ITB in 2008
during 2008-2009 has been working at Harvey Nichols Indonesia 
as visual merchandiser

Heliana Rositawati
born in Bandung, April 23, 1986
Graduated from Visual Communication Design, ITB in 2008
in 2008-2010 has been working at Dedato Indonesia
as graphic designer


sneak peek: icons for our goods

try to imagine our goods in first launching !

sneak peek : fabric based product

It's printed on textile!

Our graphic is applicable in every product design we create. For this first launching, some various illustration implemented in different products. This is a little sneak peek for fabric-based product
Enjoy, and wait for our next sneak peek !


HELLO THERE! what is MIME, exactly?

it's our alter ego project.
 doodling in every space we found.
creating multifunction goods for our room.
customize bits and pieces.
illustrate life.