we were at LOCAFORE, sept 23-25 2011

participating LOCAFORE : art, design and jazz festival on sept, 23 - 25 2011, held at Bale Pare, Kota Baru Parahyangan. A very amazing event with sculpture exhibition, local label fair and also many fabulous jazz musicians. 3 days full of joy. enjoy our booth memoria.

booth sketch



delicate pastel bedtime stories

our new generation for the bedtime stories illustrations, these are fully creamy delicate pastel colors. printed on canvas, you'll find this on your cushions and small pouch.
cyan - little mermaid

cyan - little matchstick girl

cyan - rapunzel

peach - alice in the wonderland

peach - hansel & gretel

peach - little red riding hood

yellow - 3 little pigs

yellow - jack and the beanstalk

yellow - pinocchio


get this : MIME on NYLON sept 2011

MIME is now seen on NYLON magazine ed. September 2011
get this : Bedtime Story cushions

a bunch thank you for NYLON magazine and Alexander Kusuma Praja

NYLON sept 2011 cover

MIME corner

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