a memorandum : trademark event

7 hours building our space;
40 hours showing off;
5 minutes converse with every shopper;
2 seconds in first greetings.

it's accomplished in trademark event, Paris van Java Bandung, our first show, getting know some new friends and getting known by others. It's a 4 days displaying and selling our goods, chatting with neighbors. 

the event is quite big, displayed in an indoor space for almost 104 tenants, lots of visitors, in an "on construction" site, with minimum air circulation, made this event is too hot to be true! bravo and thank you for all of the crew *clapping hands*

our booth is class B, with medium size 2m x 3m, and we shared it with wanara
lately, we realize it's not enough to display all of our goods, every night we try to change our booth till the best layout *fuhh, finally it's done on day 2 hahahah

and tadaaaa! this is our booth

looks neat & clean, but after we display our goods, whoa...


cleaning up

shift 1 : bima & habibie

shift 2 : gea & ina

tenant id


dian, you're late

mr. dede yusuf

habibie & his tote bag

and the goods display looks like this
groceries bag


standing lamp

folding groceries bag display

bench & cushions

laptop pouch

wanara's side
wanara's goods

wanara's sign
our booth's story

it was a hand made booth by gea, cutting-folding-locking over 30 sheets of corrugated, almost a dozen cutter blades, 2 days sleeping time canceled, 7 hours displaying on site, getting helped with the wanara's boys, mas adi and sandi while dispaying *thanks guys
and magically turned into a backdrop with build-in shelves, 2 single shelves, 5 display boxes, of course without damaging an existing panel, we just used a paper wrap and glues.
plus a 80cm x 160cm glossy black acrylic with a huge MIME cutting sticker, it's a wow!

gea, the single fighter

glue-ing the existing panel with paper wrap


medium rare

almost done

the displayers
and for the grant, we got nominated for best booth in trademark event! yaayyy! too bad we can't grab the prize, so many creative & inspiring booth, congratulation for the winner! *clapping hands*

story of our greetings & marketing

greeting is important in this event, eyes on first, greetings, explaining next.
during the event, we try to know every people's characters. many offers came to us for another exhibition events, yeaayy! name card is a must!
we were running out of name card in day 2


price list

in a free time, I try to doodling this conclusions, on the back of someone's flyers, hehehe

story of ours

meets the crew, blending team of mime and wanara also friends





mas adi

thanks to you all!
see you in the next event

thank God; well done.